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[#121697] Written by: NovaKing (Administrator) [01/11/2009, 16:32]
fixed bug where usernames with 3 or less characters could not log in.
[#484704] Written by: theonlysmokeyt [29/06/2016, 06:53]
Why am i getting "shady" redirects from the site?
It seems now that when i use the site, 3 of 10 times my browser gets a redirect to what I know to be some shady shit.
Have you made a deal with some click-track company?
I want to keep using the site but that kind of redirect/click-track stuff makes me sad and more sad that this site finally came
back and is now set to harvest information or just annoy the shit out of me with that bullshit.

Not mad, just looking for answers, before i stop using the worlds best (and used to be free of danger) tv show torrent site.

Respectfully yours,
Long time user, glad your back, what is going?
[#484705] Written by: theonlysmokeyt [29/06/2016, 06:57]
Me again, i just posted about click-track shady stuff. If you need a hand at looking at some webdev stuff on the site, let me
know, i may be able to point out some obvious js stuff that has been planted. I'm a pretty darn good linux server sysadmin
too. If you need help removing any malicious code, let me know.

[#485004] Written by: taresu [23/09/2016, 01:15]
When will the new css skins be uploaded I mss the dark skin
[#489182] Written by: castolan [18/08/2018, 11:56]
Why is it that in the last month (or so) I can't connect to the seeders of a NASCAR event
(Xfinity,Camping World) for the first several days after the torrent has been posted?
[#489233] Written by: crinklecutt [19/08/2018, 18:32]

Why is it I can't download the latest celebrity big brother uk episodes from here? it even says latest episode
uploaded in a few hours on some countdown timer, which is the third episode....wheres episodes 1 and 2 the last
things listed are from 6 months ago?!?!?
[#489708] Written by: Smegggg [31/08/2018, 03:44]

Great site & so useful so thanks for your work & dedication to providing a great opportunity to
watch some fantastic shows. I am new to this so please forgive me if I have missed a post regarding
my problem or something else pertinent to it, your patience is appreciated.

Firstly, I run Macs & use both Safari & Firefox, I've had the problem with both & it's only in the
past few weeks it has arisen. Also, I clear my history & cache at the end of each session but the
problem persists.

When I click on "watched episodes" I get a blank screen & I mean blank, no header, no partial load,
just a white screen under my browser's menu bar. The only way out is to go-back to the previous screen.

What have I done, or can I do?

Any assistance appreciated.

Smegggg (A Red Dwarf reference)
[#493294] Written by: dpmcdougall [03/10/2018, 22:53]
Just became a member on the site and was advised I'd be getting an email to verify my email address.
I still haven't gotten one and was wondering how long it takes to receive one to verify. TIA ~DanM
[#500423] Written by: MeDiCandRifle [06/01/2019, 05:35]
I need to change my password and update my email address as I no longer have access to the one I had when I
signed up.
Please let me know how to do this.\
Thanks in advance
[#506333] Written by: dudge669 [06/11/2020, 10:13]
Hey, NovaKing, if we can't have some kind of interface to update our email address or simply change passwords, can you at
least give us a way to DELETE our accounts so we can start over? Thanks a bunch.
[#506391] Written by: pascha2612 [19/11/2020, 09:55]
I have noticed in the past couple of months huge steps have been taken for the improvemtn of the site, without the
great stuff changing. Love it.

May i make an idea sugestion. (if this is something that exists and for some reason i havent found yet, though i have
looke many times over the last few years, please let me know i am blind (XD) and how i can find-use it).

So the idea is:
we have accounts to the site. And the torrents uploaded are all connected to a show name-category. (already
Could it be done so we add shows to our accounts, shows that we like and we watch?
And in the home page (when connected to your account) there is an extra window-category of "favourite shows" or
"watching shows" (between the currently existing "latest added torrents" "Full Season TV Packs" & "EZTV 20 Most
Seeded Torrents (last 7 days)" ). And there we see ONLY the torrents that have been added lately (chronologicaly or
show based) to the shows connected to our accounts.

Reason for this suggestion: i watch my tv shows only from hear (whilst i shop my rest torrent from many different
sites) and sometimes when schrolling through the latest added torrents i miss something and realise it maybe a
couple of weeks later or never...

Thanks to the admins for considering it even for a minute if u do, and if u dont u still rock guys! keep it up!
[#506605] Written by: jrshami [14/12/2020, 00:49]
What has happened to The Bold and the Beautiful? There has been no new torrent available for over a week.
[#509979] Written by: bigstu_ [24/10/2021, 17:15]
Hi,thanks for all the great work. Long time listener, first time caller so apologies if this information is posted to the incorrect location.
Show page information does not match the shows being listed on it.
Show: Wild Child (2021) - TV Show
Show page: https://eztv.re/shows/3893/wild-child/
Current page name: Wild Child (2008) - TV Show

The current information refers to the movie of the same name released in 2008. Actual show launched 2021 and is a nature show about baby animals hosted by Sheinelle Jones.

I suggest that the current information be replaced with the following which I have formatted to resemble your current layout as much as possible.

Wild Child (2021) - TV Show

"Wild Child" is a live-action, half-hour television program designed to meet the educational and informational needs of children aged 13-16. "Wild Child" will take viewers on an adventure to meet the cutest, most curious, most fascinating baby animals on the planet. Along the journey, audiences will witness the incredible bond that exists within the animal kingdom between parents and their children. Hosted by Sheinelle Jones, "Wild Child" will reveal how these untamed youngsters are born, how they play and how they learn to survive in the wild. Each week, viewers will witness a wide variety of wild animal children in their first years on Earth as they overcome environmental challenges and threats from predators.

Series Premiere: Jan 2, 2021
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Documentary, Nature
Network: nbc (https://www.nbc.com/wild-child)
Airs: Saturdays at 10:30am
Runtime: 30 Minutes

Sheinelle Jones...........as Host 28 episodes, 2021

WILD CHILD - Season 1 -- 26 Episodes
1x1 -- Jan 2, 2021 -- Coldest Kids
1x2 -- Jan 9, 2021 -- Summer Session
1x3 -- Jan 16, 2021 -- Autumn Lovin'
1x4 -- Jan 23, 2021 -- African Animals
1x5 -- Jan 30, 2021 -- North American Fun
1x6 -- Feb 6, 2021 -- Beachy Babies
1x7 -- Sep 18, 2021 -- Cold and Cuddly
1x8 -- Apr 3, 2021 -- Meet the Heat
1x9 -- Apr 10, 2021 -- No Bummer in Summer
1x10 -- Apr 17, 2021 -- Having a Ball in the Fall
1x11 -- Apr 24, 2021 -- Home on the Plains
1x12 -- May 1, 2021 -- Family Time
1x13 -- May 8, 2021 -- Back to the Beach
1x14 -- May 15, 2021 -- A Treat in the Heat
1x15 -- Jun 26, 2021 -- There's Something About Summer
1x16 -- Jul 3, 2021 -- Wild in the Wetlands
1x17 -- Jul 10, 2021 -- Australasia
1x18 -- Jul 17, 2021 -- Polar Regions
1x19 -- Jul 24, 2021 -- Winter Magic
1x20 -- Jul 31, 2021 -- Springing into Action
1x21 -- Aug 7, 2021 -- Family Season
1x22 -- Aug 14, 2021 -- The Earth's Filter
1x23 -- Aug 21, 2021 -- Playful Pastimes
1x24 -- Aug 28, 2021 -- Chilly with the Family
1x25 -- Sep 4, 2021 -- Furry and Fun
1x26 -- Sep 11, 2021 -- Big Love

WILD CHILD - Season 2 -- 26 Episodes
2x1 -- Oct 2, 2021 -- Awww-stralia
2x2 -- Sep 16, 2021 -- African Animals
2x3 -- TBA
2x4 -- TBA
2x5 -- TBA
2x6 -- TBA
2x7 -- TBA
2x8 -- TBA
2x9 -- TBA
2x10 -- TBA
2x11 -- TBA
2x12 -- TBA
2x13 -- TBA
2x14 -- TBA
2x15 -- TBA
2x16 -- TBA
2x17 -- TBA
2x18 -- TBA
2x19 -- TBA
2x20 -- TBA
2x21 -- TBA
2x22 -- TBA
2x23 -- TBA
2x24 -- TBA
2x25 -- TBA
2x26 -- TBA

Additional WILD CHILD Information

[#509980] Written by: bigstu_ [24/10/2021, 17:27]
If I notice an issue with an uploaded show episode, how do I make the uploader/admin aware of it?
Do I create a new thread in [Forum » Episodes] with that uploads name?
If so, how do I create a new thread?
[#510045] Written by: The Big Wiener [28/10/2021, 18:14]
Some of the new shows that need show pages:
- FBI International
- NCIS Hawaii
- CSI Vegas
- Star Trek Prodigy
- Invasion 2021
- Dan Browns The Lost Symbol

(I'm sure there are others, but these are the ones I noticed)
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