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   Constant handshake/cloudflare errors



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[#517494] Written by: Vitae [22/09/2022, 22:12]
I'm in FL and keep getting cloudflare errors that soon to originate in Orlando.
Been using the .xyz mirror more and more because that doesn't seem to have
an issue. Or just other sites if need be.
[#517495] Written by: rickndeb [22/09/2022, 23:40]
[#517500] Written by: SanfordWallace [23/09/2022, 13:27]
tried eztv.re ?
Cloudflare errors are usually because the real site is being attacked (DDOS) or the site is down.
If I get them I just keep retrying.
the .xyz one probably has additional adverts and is behind with content because it's a mirror.
[#517503] Written by: rickndeb [23/09/2022, 16:49]
You sure he's talking about EZTV? That's why I put a ? in response, because he has NO problem accessing the forum to
ask his question in the 1st place...
[#517521] Written by: Vitae [23/09/2022, 23:19]
Yes, I am talking about eztv.re
Sometimes I get on other times I get the handshake/Cloudflare error.
Have had no issues with the xyz mirror tho. It's a little behind, but given that
I've had issues for 2 to 3 hrs on .re, I think xyz isn't much further behind.
[#517522] Written by: Vitae [23/09/2022, 23:34]
[#517535] Written by: SanfordWallace [24/09/2022, 07:40]
Only other thing I can think of is someone using your ISP is pissing Clouflare off (Spam/DDOS/hacking ?)
Have you tried a VPN ? or someone on another network to check if they get the same.
You could try installing Opera browser and using the built in free VPN and see if that still gives Cloudflare errors.
I have to use it because my ISP blocks EZTV (and other torrent sites) and I'm not paying for a VPN
[#517546] Written by: Vitae [25/09/2022, 00:02]
Giving Opera a try. Is there a way to disable it's fit to screen type setting? I zoom in and
the text wraps on the screen a bit. Can't find a way to disable it, but I could be missing it.
[#517547] Written by: Vitae [25/09/2022, 00:12]
Never mind. Might have helped to scroll thru ALL of Settings
[#517569] Written by: Vitae [25/09/2022, 23:38]
Well, Opera didn't help much...

[#517571] Written by: AussieZat [26/09/2022, 03:26]
Vitae, I'm with you. I haven't been able to get on to the main site (eztv.re, or any of the other sites) the only one working for
me is the xyz mirror/proxy

I use a VPN, because the Aussie government has blocked eztv.
[#517580] Written by: rickndeb [26/09/2022, 10:21]
Have y'all tried TOR?
[#517581] Written by: Vitae [26/09/2022, 23:56]
F#$& it. I'm just changing all my bookmarks to https://eztv1.xyz/
I don't need split second posting. Even if it's an hour late, it's still better than
having a longer delay on the main site.
[#517631] Written by: SanfordWallace [30/09/2022, 19:06]
I started having Cloudflare errors, SSL handshake errors and DNS server couldn't resolve address... because I was using Google
as my DNS server ( Malwarebytes was also blocking Google addresses.
I set my DNS server to auto config back to my ISP and... problem solved.
[#517660] Written by: reddhorizon [01/10/2022, 14:28]
part two is now available...whoo hoo!
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